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Fashion Exhibits Are… Too Static

I’ll make it simple. I went to London. I saw exhibits. Good and bad. Here, I talk about why a particular one disappointed me, while the other restored the joy in my life (sort of, I’m almost exaggerating). Plus, I’m exploring why curation is increasingly important and yet we don’t get enough educational value as much as entertainment while we’re at these exhibitions. Okay. You’ve probably made your decision whether to proceed reading my long-ass post. If you’re on board, here we go! Going to The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk (long title, I know) was a tremendous experience. I think it’s fitting to publish this now, in conjunction with his last ready-to-wear collection and presentation. To see his work in person was a huge sigh of relief. When I was there, I felt as though someone had rescued me from the clutches of death that extended from the halls of the Victoria and Albert Museum, trying to drag me into the pits of hell. I’m referring to Wedding …


The Price of Fashion

It’s no longer news that a big fast-fashion brand gets convicted of unethical practices. In the past, the controversy that has spurred between a brand and the general public has been about offenses regarding racial discrimination among, pro-anorexia messages, general insensitivity (of all which had been implicated on Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Hope they’ve learned their lessons). Copyrights, which are more tricky due to the nature of fast-fashion and knock-offs, have also risen as an issue, fueled by technologically advancing production methods. I would now expect to see the Andy Warhol-stamped dresses from Christian Dior from last March being sold at Bugis Street or Far East Plaza around next month. But now, (thankfully), light has been shed on the issue of ethical treatment of the workforce. This means the conditions of working factories, sweatshops, their pay, their hours, including fringe benefits: pension, life and health insurance. The Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killed 800, and has definitely increased the pressure on clothing firms. But, it’s likely that a majority of us, especially …