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Vulnicura, Deoxys and Vaginas

Yellow has never seemed melancholic until it appeared on Björk’s new album, Vulnicura, that was released on iTunes yesterday as a surprise after its online leaks. Nonetheless, it’s a heck of a treat for all. Foreign, artificial, yet familiar and natural, the cover artwork suggests a transformed, mature Björk clouded in serenity. What else does it say? Björk’s studio album covers carefully follow a formula: a self-portrait from the stomach up (in Volta, only her head is really shown — the rest is a statue, so it’s technically not her), laid against a digitally rendered background, and she’s dressed in an outfit that epitomises the sound of each album, threading a narrative (or rather, worlds) together. Debut saw her diving into a new world, where she felt homesick and resulted in Post; her frustrations erupted into Homogenic and calmed down in Vespertine, where she fell in love; Medulla commemorated the birth of a child, Volta encapsulated the spirit of a mother; and in Biophilia, everything seemed to have come together as she ruled the universe. Four years later, however, Vulnicura contradicts the sentiment. It says: …


The Only Books to Give A Damn About in 2014

Merry Christmas to all, and especially to broke fashion students. The 25th not only marks a wonderful, blessed night, but is also a stark reminder that the year is coming to an end. I’ve bought plenty of books (and magazines) this year, with some still on their way, and these are the only three worth your cents. I confess, these are probably the most expensive. After some thought, I have decided not to reveal much of the content of the book in this post because it’ll screw your experience. Maybe I’ll decide to, though, in 2015. Ann Demeulemeester — Ann Demeulemeester, Rizzoli The Belgian designer left her company this year, shocking many. She left us a parting gift in the form of a simple book archiving her collections. That’s it. Pages after pages of runway photographs printed on thin, beautiful black-edged paper chronicling the brand’s 30-year journey. That is all, apart from the brief introduction written by Patti Smith. Humble, wholesome and not to mention weighty, it’s obvious that this print will become a bible to her die-hard fans — some …


VB Came to Our School — So?

Perhaps I’m still too naive to assume that designer talks, especially those arranged by a design and arts school, would be permeated with discussions of substantial issues, an open dialogue with challenging questions and prompt a great deal of critical thinking. That was not the case when I attended LASALLE College of The Arts’ talk with the one and only Victoria Beckham. The designer recently visited Jakarta and Singapore as part of her tour to promote the collaboration between her eponymous line and OnPedder. What can one expect out of a talk with her? I’m in no way trying to belittle Beckham, but I am questioning why her coming here was so hyped. I was excited, yes, but I soon recall what Mark Oflaherty wrote, “The urge to post anything and everything linked to a fashion event has become frenzied, hysterical and masturbatory,“ which is true, and is an accurate description of Beckham’s event. Everyone went on a frenzy because Victoria Beckham was in our school. Her arrival was welcomed with a standing ovation, accompanied by an uproar of wows and yeahs over a loud applause. It’s indicative of why …