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The Only Books to Give A Damn About in 2014

Merry Christmas to all, and especially to broke fashion students. The 25th not only marks a wonderful, blessed night, but is also a stark reminder that the year is coming to an end. I’ve bought plenty of books (and magazines) this year, with some still on their way, and these are the only three worth your cents. I confess, these are probably the most expensive. After some thought, I have decided not to reveal much of the content of the book in this post because it’ll screw your experience. Maybe I’ll decide to, though, in 2015. Ann Demeulemeester — Ann Demeulemeester, Rizzoli The Belgian designer left her company this year, shocking many. She left us a parting gift in the form of a simple book archiving her collections. That’s it. Pages after pages of runway photographs printed on thin, beautiful black-edged paper chronicling the brand’s 30-year journey. That is all, apart from the brief introduction written by Patti Smith. Humble, wholesome and not to mention weighty, it’s obvious that this print will become a bible to her die-hard fans — some …


Fashion: Documentaries Playlist

Last week, I set up a playlist for my classmates to indulge in, in case they ever find themselves with nothing to do during this three-month holiday. Here are my top picks, judging from their content, the subjects (people), and how well it’s filmed. I’ll definitely be updating the picks, since I myself am continuing to watch as many as I can. 1. McQueen and I — (full) Beautifully documented, with insightful perspectives from writers Plum Sykes and Suzy Menkes, personal relations from McQueen’s brother, mother, boyfriends, former employers amongst others. Another doco of this type I recommend is the Saga John Galliano, which documents his beautiful Couture creations for Dior and from days before. All the Galliano/Dior ones are good. 2. The Secret World of Haute Couture — (full) Bourgeoisie, super rich clientele that can actually afford stuff that’s not even presented on the Couture collections. Documents how shows are actually conceived from design, to atelier, presentation, order and then marketing (if made possible). It’s a great revelation of the upper echelons of society and how …