My name is Allysha Nila. I hail from Indonesia, and am currently a third year university student in Singapore. This blog is my retreat from all the chaos that comes with being a fashion student. School is becoming an unhealthy source of hate, obsession and health risk.

The only thing I know I want to do is to show YOU that Fashion has significant sociological implications and links to everything that surrounds us: music, art, culture, politics, technology, engineering, CSR, philosophy, agriculture, linguistics — you name it. Because that’s interesting, educational and therefore positive. Feel free to talk to me: drop a hello, leave a comment as short as long as you please, start a discussion (I love that) or keep quiet and just read!

“What’s the issue?” just so happens to be the first question I ask when I begin to write. It cuts all the fluff and bluff that fashion journalism in general is notorious for (heck, an issue is usually absent).

Please take me seriously. Seriously.



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