Month: July 2014

What Makes A Talk Fruitful?

I remember getting irritated over Phobe Philo’s seminar at Vogue Festival, and I find it disappointing to listen to my hero failing to further elaborate on some of her extreme statements. One of them was: “I hope that when women wear Céline, they feel good and confident and strong. And I guess there’s a political statement behind Céline, which is that the woman should go out there and do what she wants to do.” Of course. I paid $2000 for that viscose-cotton skirt. I should feel invincible in that Resort 2014 piece. How political. *scoffs* Thing is, like in many political systems of many countries, the Céline woman derives her leadership, power and status from money. I don’t think I buy Céline to be stuck, nor do I think any woman buys luxury goods to stay in and be forced to do things she doesn’t want to do. I buy into what Philo produces simply because she offers something appealing, original, utilitarian and meaningful. But at that interview, what was Philo saying? It seemed like nonsense you throw out …


VB Came to Our School — So?

Perhaps I’m still too naive to assume that designer talks, especially those arranged by a design and arts school, would be permeated with discussions of substantial issues, an open dialogue with challenging questions and prompt a great deal of critical thinking. That was not the case when I attended LASALLE College of The Arts’ talk with the one and only Victoria Beckham. The designer recently visited Jakarta and Singapore as part of her tour to promote the collaboration between her eponymous line and OnPedder. What can one expect out of a talk with her? I’m in no way trying to belittle Beckham, but I am questioning why her coming here was so hyped. I was excited, yes, but I soon recall what Mark Oflaherty wrote, “The urge to post anything and everything linked to a fashion event has become frenzied, hysterical and masturbatory,“ which is true, and is an accurate description of Beckham’s event. Everyone went on a frenzy because Victoria Beckham was in our school. Her arrival was welcomed with a standing ovation, accompanied by an uproar of wows and yeahs over a loud applause. It’s indicative of why …


Prada’s A Bitch — An Introduction

Yes. This lengthy article is an introduction, but I guarantee you, it will be worth it. I meant to interest both fashion and music enthusiasts. The latter may consider this bullshit, since music ain’t exactly my turf, even if I do cite proper references. It’s happened in the past. But I don’t want to bastardise the epicness that is Bitches Brew, a phenomenal album that has started fights between me and random people at record stores. Plus, I didn’t intend on having a provocative title. But when your subject matter includes a former pantomime-turned-iconic-womenswear-designer and a musician central to almost every movement in Jazz, how could you not? It won’t do any justice. ‘Prada’s A Bitch’ refers to the relationship between the Italian designer and American legend, referencing the latter’s bestselling album, in the focus of the Fall 2010 collection created by the former. When I was writing this, most of my attention had directed towards constructing a mental Venn diagram demonstrating the intersections between the disciplines of music and fashion. Another related article, written about sounds in fashion, is pending to be published. …